Organization Structure

  1. Primary unit at the municipal ward, municipality, municipal corporation division or at all such other levels as the Party may prescribe.
  2. District Unit at the district or at such other levels as the Party may prescribe.
  3. State Unit at the state, union territory or such other levels as the Party may prescribe.
  4. National Unit at the national level.

Note 1: Party members representing professionals, women, youth, students and other similar categories may form separate groups as part of the primary unit level and at such other levels as may be prescribed.

Note 2: The party may provide for affiliation of organizations and associations of like-minded citizens from time to time.

Party Levels

  • To assist in its functioning, the Party shall have the following levels:
    • Leadership
    • National General Council Members
    • Advisors
  • The working committee and executive committee shall form as and when required including the members from the different levels of the party.
  • The Coordinator shall be the chairperson and chief executive for all Party organs at the respective levels.
  • Members of the Party elected to various legislative bodies such as local municipalities, state legislatures, and both the houses of the Parliament may form legislative committees, which shall function under the party leadership at the respective Party levels.

  • Leadership

National President Mr. M Udaia KUMAR Social Activist

Mr. M. Udaia Kumar is the Founder and Managing Director of SHARE Microfin Limited. He holds a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) and has been trained in development studies at Selly Oak College, University of Birmingham in the United Kingdom and in microfinance from the Economics Institute Boulder, University of Colorado.

National Secretary General Mr. PAUL DEVAPRIYAM PULLA Social Activist

Mr. Paul Devapriyam Pulla is the Founder, Chairman and Managing Director, Aradana Broadcasting International Pvt Ltd (ARADANA TV). He is a first generation entrepreneur. He is a strong visionary and an experienced management professional in the fields of International Trade, Marketing, Finance and Construction.

Paul is born and bought-up in Christian faith and always had the driving passion to play a greater role in strengthening the Christian Community. Paul strongly believed Community development is "asset building that improves quality of life".

National Secretary Mr. SOLOMON RAJU Social Activist

National Vice President Mr. SLEEVA GALLELI President Catholica Samikhya - A.P
National Treasurer ICS Party Mrs. Dasari Karuna Sree Social Activist

  • National General Council Members

Mr. B DANAM, IAS (Retd) Former Principal Secretary Government of A.P.
Mr. G ALFRED, IPS (Retd) Former Inspector General of Police Government of A.P.
Mr. T STANLEY BABU, IRTS (Retd) Former General Manager, S.C.Rly & Former Advisor to Govt of A.P.
Mr. K.R.W. YESUDASU, IAS (Retd) Former Secretary Government of A.P.
Mr. Robert Surya Prakash, Chairman, YMCA of Greater Hyderabad
Ms. Rani Prameela Former General Manager, S.C.Rly & Former Advisor to Government of A.P.
Ms. Surya Kala T Social Activist
Mr. Vijaya Chitranjan Social Activist
Mr. Master Abraham Social Activist
Mr. Sivaji Raju B Editor, Swarnadeepika Magazine

  • Advisors, ICS Party

Prof. Kanche llaiah Former Head of the Department Political Science, Osmania University
Rev. Fr. A. X. J. Bosco, SJ Secretary, SC, ST & BC Communities, APBC Advisor, National Council of Dalit Christians