ICSP Philosophy: “Do Unto Others...”

“Do Unto others...So whatever you wish that others should do for you, do also for them.”

“Do Unto others” or Integral Humanistic Nationalism presents the ICS Party’s conception of Indian nationhood. It must be noted that “Do Unto Others” is a nationalist, and not a religious or theocratic, concept. The following descriptive on philosophy explains in greater detail, the concept on which the party took shape and will continue to execute its values.

ICS Party’s philosophy has a strong and consistent emphasis on helping the weak, the poor, the needy and the sick. The philosophy directs us in giving consideration for helping the poor. This translates into our policies, ensuring that we have strong defences for the poor, weak and sick - maximising the breadth of healthcare availability, ensuring adequate welfare / safety nets are available and giving voice to the voiceless weak, marginalised groups and minorities amidst a political climate where money buys influence.

ICS Party’s philosophy is a call to respond to the tremendous amount of absolute poverty, injustice and the remarkable impact we can make on reducing such poverty. With the national perspective of justice in mind, our general budget priorities are even more tragic when contrasted with the huge spending on our military, which basically serves to keep us a little safer, while millions die each year of poverty. ICS Party’s philosophy is to take up an unassailable allegiance to the pursuit of love, peace, truth, justice, liberty, fraternity, equality, humanity and dignity, above any other narrow national pursuits.

ICS Party’s philosophy is a call to proclaim liberty to the captives of poverty, recovering of the sight to the blind and to set at liberty those who are oppressed. The Christian missionaries have brought truly substantive benefits to the poor, the captives of poverty, the sick, and the oppressed throughout the nation as part of their mission, partly through their influence and advocacy to the British-India government. ICS Party’s philosophy is based on that contribution done by the Christian missionaries and to focus on real opportunities for affecting change.

ICS Party’s philosophy is driven by a singular goal – “Do Unto Others...” and this reminds us with a great reality that we are people of limited time and money and we only have so many challenges that we can effectively engage in. If we really care about achieving meaningful goals, it is required that we prioritise. Decisions on public policy are really about priorities as well, virtually every policy decision comes down to weighing one priority vs. another (for example, many are a question of monetary cost vs. group benefit). We care about really benefiting people. We have prioritised the issues that we can make a difference in and focus on them. Thus the policies, and focus areas, aims and party manifesto are finalised with this philosophy.