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  1. Collective Leadership and Accountability.
  2. Eliminate Discrimination.
  3. Fight for equality.
  4. Eradicate Caste System.
  5. Protect the human rights of the Indian Citizen.
  6. Economic empowerment of the weaker sections.
  7. Ensure basic amenities of life.
  8. Access to quality- education.
  9. Empower the marginalized sections for advancement.
  10. Arouse civic, social and political consciousness.
  11. Empowerment of women.
  12. Empowerment of women politically.
  13. Ensure equal opportunities for vertical-mobility among different Castes.
  14. Social Security from birth to burial.
  15. Effective steps to prevent atrocities.
  16. Protect the freedom of expression, religion and faith.
  17. Secure the Schedule Caste status to any Dalit converting to any religion.
  18. Proper blend of Public-Private partnership.
  19. Avoid concentration of wealth in a few hands.
  20. Principle of universal love, justice, liberty, equality and peace ensuring the dignity of the individual and fostering fraternity among all the citizens.