Frequently Asked Questions


Why there is the need to have a community focused new party ?

There are several genuine reasons to form a new party. Few of them are :

  1. Earlier explored the role of Christians in politics, by parties formed a decade ago in the other states of India, but no major achievements.
  2. Christians in India also have special role, as the second largest minority community, to contribute towards the furtherance of the ideals of the secular state and particularly of maintaining separation between religion and state and religious liberty as well as defending the legitimate rights of its disadvantages members.
  3. Andhra Pradesh’s minority Christian population is greatly disillusioned by all ruling parties till date.
  4. Delineation of Christian Community. Christians have for long been isolated from the rest of the Indian Society.
  5. Party aimed to give Andhra Pradesh's minority Christian population an independent view and independent voice through political representation in legislative assembly.
  6. In view of the increasing attacks on Christians in India in recent years and months by anti-social groups, the common endeavor of men of all faiths is to achieve true community, being based on considerations of social justice, personal values and human rights.

How did this party evolve ?

The political arm of the Christian Social Forum is Indian Christian Secular party rooted in the historic Christian faith that seeks to demonstrate the love of God through political service. Christian Social Forum is a non-evangelical and non-religious organization, works for the concerns of the people with Christian principles of love, care and justice with holistic development, therefore. The Christian Social Forum was formed to promote unity, protect community and preserves identity. Christian faith and principles are drawn from the Bible, especially the life and teaching of Jesus Christ, as well as from Christian political insights through the centuries. Likeminded people have decided and came together to form this new political party; to address the common social crisis, tied together by a community of interests; our common humanity serves as a common denominator. Thus the party - Indian Christian Secular Party evolved.


How can it be Christian and secular; the party name itself creates contradiction ?

There is no contradiction as the policies of the party are not narrowly or selfishly defined. The policies of the party are towards the welfare of a section of people who have the fundamental rights defined in the Indian constitution and thus directly contribute in the better nation-building. You will understand why the party name includes Christian and secular from the below description of the word Christian and secular in the party name:

Why Christian:

The group of people who came together to get involved in active politics, want to work towards the welfare of the people are from the Christian Community. Some sections of the Christian community are particularly weak and socially disadvantaged, there is a need to take special responsibility to look after the interests of such sections and champion their rightful causes. Also it is always believed and is true that one should win the hearts and minds of their own community people by serving them, before winning the hearts and minds of the others and thus the religion name is included. Also the word Christian gives a spiritual basis, an ethos, to give it an inner direction, discipline, dedication, devotion and determination to serve their community first.

Why Secular:

It is secular because basically secularism in India, thus, does not mean separation of religion from state. Instead, secularism in India means a state that is neutral to all religious groups and in the country’s constitution appropriately interpreted. To meet the needs of the community, also guard the principles of freedom and equality. This initiative shows that we do not have to choose between active hostility and passive indifference towards the community, or between disrespectful hostility and respectful indifference. We can combine the two: have the necessary hostility as long as there is also active respect. This initiative of new party will ensure respect for the community, address their needs and seek support to them publicly.